Viper Titiranina

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After 3 years of Research & Development, we are extremely proud & excited to introduce to you the Ultimate Toy: A competitive V3 that converts into a racing sailing canoe in just 20 min!!

Viper Va’a has always strived to bridge the gap between tradition & new technologies, and our ancestral Polynesian canoes have shown us the way to a fun & exciting future!

Depending on your mood & the weather conditions, our Titiraina will bring you thrills and joy!  Enjoy the Spirit of Raiatea ...

Comes Complete with:

Sail (Dacron Battened Sail) 
Full Carbon Rigging( mast, balm, mast foot, and accessories)
Fittings (pulleys, clams, rope)
Hull (Carbon Reinforced Vacuum)
Ama (Carbon Reinforced Vacuum)
Iato set ( Full Carbon Laminated Wood)
set of 4 Full Carbon Laminated Wood slats Trampoline
Carbone Fin
Steering Carbon Paddle XXL/Peperu XXL 
Boat cradles (2)/ Support de stockage 
V3 Ama Carbon Reinforced Vacuum
V3 Set of Carbon Iato 



Hull Length 10.2m

Hull Weight 75Kg