Kialoa Nehu

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Take The Bait
The Nehu, or Hawaiian Anchovy, was a bait fish used to catch Tuna in the days of hook and pole commercial fishing in Hawaii. The lure of the Nehu is its thin, sleek blade. It enters the water with stealth and power that allows you to stay ahead of those big fish. Paddlers who move between both team and solo paddling will appreciate the power of the Nehu. This paddle features our Standard Double Bend shaft Made in the USA.


Hand shaped dark wood Ergo-T™ Grip


Hand shaped Standard Sweeping Double Bend Shaft™
Oval tapered wood
Triple laminated for strength and durability

Carbon/Epoxy with wood/foam core
Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
Dihedral for stability
Thin PowerHook™ tip for a clean entry and solid catch.


Blade Angle: 11 degrees
Blade Width: 9 5/16"
Blade Length: 18"
Blade Surface Area: 111 square inches
Shaft: Double Bend
Weight: 17-19 oz