Kialoa Biscuit

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Great in the Home Stretch The Biscuit is designed to meet the demand for a steering paddle that can handle long races in mid-water conditions. It's a light, strong composite hybrid that goes the distance. Designed for making more of your corrections off of the canoe.  Grab the Biscuit Hybrid Single Bend steering paddle for long races in mid-water conditions. Made in the USA.


Hand shaped dark wood Ergo-T™ Grip

Hand shaped Steering Single Bend Shaft
Oval tapered wood
Triple laminated for strength and durability
Carbon/Epoxy with foam/wood core
Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
Dihedral with PowerARC™ blade for steering off of the canoe
Rub strips protect your investment and increases sticking to the canoe


Blade Angle: 5 degrees
Blade width: 9 1/4"
Blade length: 20"
Blade surface area: 142 square inches
Shaft: Single Bend
Total Paddle Weight: 24-25 oz