KIALOA Yin Yang Hybrid Dragon Boat Paddle

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The Yin Yang Hybrid is like a great Yoga session. A perfect balance of lightness and strength. The triple laminated wood shaft is a hand shaped oval for a comfortable grip. Wood naturally absorbs and dampens the small shocks and vibrations of paddling that cannot be duplicated in composites. The Ergo-T hand shaped wood grip is designed to fit comfortably in the palm while providing a secure grip. The carbon blade is built with an internal edge banding that reinforces the edges for impact resistance. The blade has a thin tip for a knife like entry at the catch. The hybrid Yin Yang paddle weighs 19 oz and you will not find another paddle that provides a more balanced and comfortable paddling experience. Made in the USA.


Hand shaped dark wood Ergo-T™ Grip

Hand shaped
Oval tapered wood for a warm comfortable grip
Triple laminated for strength and durability
Natural vibration dampening qualities of wood

Carbon/Epoxy with PVC foam core
Internal carbon reinforced edge banding for durability
Thin tip for a clean entry and solid catch


Grip: Wood Ergo-T™
Shaft Material: Triple laminated wood
Shaft Shape: Oval, tapered
Blade Material: Carbon/epoxy, PVC foam core
Blade Shape: IDBF approved
Weight: 19oz