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100% handmade in Tahiti, The Fusion series is a Va’a World’s favourite for all long distance races. Developed in close collaboration with the EDT Va’a Team and particularly his captain, Steve Teihotahaa, this paddle has won it all: Molokai Hoe, Hawaiki Nui, Te Aito, Super Aito, Molokai Solo and many others!

Built with a bamboo shaft and a carbon fiber blade. Light, strong & very well balanced, it is the best ratio power/flexibility. Available in 9 degree square blade for more power upon water entry, ideal for V6 paddling and training sessions. Also available in 10 degree round blade, which offers more subtle water entry when a greater range of paces is needed. Ideal for V1 long distance.


Weight: 450g

Material: Carbon / Bamboo