Puakea Kahe kai

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From the creator of the Kaku, Kainalu, Pueo and Ehukai comes the latest OC1 design in our quiver. Challenging limitations, Kahe Kai introduces new possibilities in OC1 performance.

We went a quarter inch wider in the middle of the hull and moved the volume forward, which is designed to get a little more flotation for larger paddlers. We added an inch to the height of the bow to avoid pearling. We made the seat wider for comfort, and dropped it for stability. The footwell was narrowed and dropped by a few inches for stability. We also took the rocker out of the tail for a more slippery feel in the flat. Finally we moved the rudder up 3 inches for improved control on the bump.

A narrow footwell allows blade entry closer to the hull, offering efficiency with each stroke. The Kahe Kai also comes with a footwell cover which sheds water from the footwells.

The Kahe Kai is built with Ozone’s innovative monocoque 100% carbon construction. We are offering the Kahe Kai with Pro Model upgrade option.